What is Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Do you feel your face loose? Feel a lot of wrinkles or eyelids down? If so, a browlift is an operating method to help you overcome that problem. You can visit Utah Plastic Surgeon to get this kind of plastic surgery.

One of brow lift procedure is called Endoscopic Brow Lift. It is a process that uses an endoscopic camera and creates a small scar from the former one. In addition, it can raise more area around the eyes and make it look bigger. 3-5 places of choice for endoscopic cameras will be opened resulting in overlapping wounds in the hairline about 3-4 cm. each. However, endoscopically favoured sites correspond to the lateral canthus and inner canthus produced for curved eyebrows and more room for eyelid surgery.

This surgical method is to flap the epidermal skin layer from the forehead by inserting a very small medical device into the preferred surgical area under the eyebrow (upper eyelid), while the surgeon will flap the forehead and muscle muscles between the eyebrows. This process will loosen the muscles and the skin will be tighter.