Explanation About Data Management Cycle on Computer

Data processing using the computer as the main medium known as Electronic Data Processing (EDP). Data processing is a process whereby a data processed and changed into more useful and more meaningful, in the form of an information. In performing data processing operations, the computer system consists of three basic stages of data entry stage (Input), data processing (Processing), and hold output outcome (Output). In operating the phases of the stage to the next stage of the hardware used (hardware) and must be controlled by the user or user (brain wave), the command uses a particular operation or command in the form of software (software) on the computer. The development stage of basic data processing above is added with data storage devices or information (storage devices) and formed with data processing cycle model (Data Processing Cycle). But the problem of this data is often an obstacle for you because some of them experience mysterious data loss. Of course, to prevent this you have to perform one action that can restore all the data of your work, one of them is by using recovering lost data.

Oracle one of which can save your lost work data. Usually, the data is lost because it is malware. Malware which is a malicious software (malicious software) is now more easily spread and infect computers. Without us realize the system and our computer applications have been destroyed even our personal information can be known and misused by others just because of browsing activities that we do. Basically, malware is a malicious and unwanted program that can damage a computer system, hamper internet access and the most dangerous that is stealing information such as password and no credit card us. These types of malware include trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits and so on. Computer Virus is a type of malware that attacks an executable file (.exe) that will attack and copy itself when an infected exe file is run. Computer viruses spread by inserting the program itself on programs or documents that exist in the computer.