Other Ways to Cure Drug Addictions than the Rehabilitation

When some people are addicted to drugs, it is important for them to be treated. Usually, they will be required to enter the rehabilitation. However, there are also some other ways to cure drug addictions, which include the use of other drugs. The drugs offered involve herbs that make the addict vomit. They were also forced to promise not to touch illegal drugs again when completing rehabilitation. Here are some of them:

– Ayahuasca in Peru

This treatment is done by drug addicts who visit the Ayahuasca Retreat or healing center in Peru every year to get the therapy of natural hallucinogens. The local tribe believes that Ayahuasca is capable of mental and physical healing, and promotes spirituality.

– Spiritual in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The rehabilitation center offers a spiritual approach.
Drug addicts are gathered outside the inn every morning to pray and shout “God is Great”.

– Chains and Handcuffs in Jalalabad Afghanistan

This rehabilitation is the most painful. These drug addicts are held in chains and handcuffs. In this way, Jalalabad residents believe that drug addicts are possessed by spirits and can only be cured by handcuffs. Rehabilitation patients live on a strict diet, with only water, black pepper, and bread.